“How to Earn Money Online” Articles Don’t Help Me

I live in a country nobody knows of

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I have come upon articles on articles about passive income, affiliate programs, apps to earn, surveys to take, and so on, but in reality, none of these articles help me. For the most part, my country doesn't fall in the category of being able to earn from these.

But, that doesn’t mean that I give up, that just means I get more determined to find what actually works for me, and apply there, with a great determination to succeed.

I just want to say one thing — please, if you do write these types of articles, include the accepted countries along the lines, so I am not wasting my time reading an article that is no help to me. Thank you.

I come from a country where for the most part I have to ask companies online to adjust their shipping worldwide, and include my country. And for the most part, my country is not included because people don’t know of its actual existence. It is a small country, but we are a part of Europe.

I am not complaining, I am just a bit frustrated, it changes the way I go about trying to earn online, order online, or shop anything really.

For me, it just takes a little more effort, a little bit more patience, and a little bit more enthusiasm for the content I create and for the content I consume.

I love the endless possibilities of being able to earn online, I just need the extra push every day to show up and deliver. And when faced with an obstacle I know that I can find a way around it or through it.

Coming from a small country has actually taught me a lot, I need to be extra loud and seen to stand out. I need to read and learn more to get ahead of everyone else. I need to be on top of my game to have an advantage and the needed push to succeed.

Passive income is something I really try to strive for, I know that I am not cut out for a 9–5 job. It doesn’t suit me, I lack the foundation of being submissive and earning money for somebody else.

I actually think that it is stealing, people do their best and earn their minimum wage, but at the same time, somebody else is traveling the world and buying expensive cars and living their dream life. Don’t get me wrong, I know somebody has to do the 9–5, but it isn’t for me.

When life gets hard, I strive more, I get the needed adrenaline rush to be better and do more. And so should you.

So for those who also struggle with living in a small country nobody knows of, I say – get up, stand up and ask for more, be better and do better, you can do it – I believe in you.

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